[AoT:O] Training Corps I Official Handbook


This is the official Trainee Corps Handbook.

The TC Handbook was made to clear any persistent questions held by the community.



  1. About us

  2. Training Schedule

  3. TC-Rules

  4. Training System

  5. Top Cadets System

  6. Graduation

1. About us

The Trainee Corps is the regiment in charge of training and educating those members which decided to Enlist into the Military.

The TI Branch has high expectations, we expect to achieve the excellence and encourage among the Cadets the practical interest into becoming part of the military. We will make sure you are ready to become part of one of the 4 Branches belonging to AOT:O. That is, The Survey Corps, The Garrison, the Military Police Regiment and the Trainee Corps.

2. Training Schedule

Our trainings are based on the Eastern Time Zone (EST) format.
Refer to the following Schedule to know at what time and when a training will be hosted.


2:30 PM EST


4:30 PM EST
7:30 PM EST


Free day, extra trainings can take place at any time by a HR.


4:30 PM EST


4:30 PM EST
8:30 PM EST


12:30 PM EST


Free day, this day will be given so new Graduates can settle into their Branches I Extra trainings can take place in this day.

Note: Take in mind, extra trainings can take place at any time, you are recommended to join our Discord Server so you don’t miss any extra training hosted at the TC Camp

3. Trainee Camp Rules

A. Advertising, spamming, or recruiting is completely prohibited. Getting caught up breaking this rule may result in a disciplinary action or warning from part of the Staff.

B. Glitching, hacking or exploiting is unacceptable. Getting caught up will result in an instant ban from the TC by a Staff Member. If you catch anyone breaking one of this rules direct message a Staff member with proof of it. It could be taken as a picture, video or GIF. Gyazo is mostly recommended.

C. Avoid to spam abuse your horse, you are given a horse to ride and move around the TC. However, breaking this rule to bypass any zone or interrupt a training will result in your horse being killed or you being warned or kicked from the game.

D. The use of faces, such as “XD” or any expression / reference isn’t allowed. [Bad Example: Lol, Lmao, Lmfao,etc.] [Good Example: Jajaja, Hahaha, etc.]

E. Bypassing the ROBLOX filter is completely prohibited, any NSFW comment either in the Discord Server or the Game itself is prohibited too.

F. If you refuse to follow any of the rules provided below may result in a disciplinary action. Such as Disrespecting, Bypassing zones or refusing to follow orders may result in a Rank lock for a period of time.

G. Training Protocol
Refer to a higher rank by “Sir” or “Ma’am”, when you are told so to be quiet please follow the rules. If PTS is on, you are required to be quiet and Raise your hand if you need to comment or ask anything. Acting like a fool will result in an instant dismissal. Please abstain from interrupting trainings as it affects the experience of the other members in this community.

4. Training System

Our Training System is a “realistic” style based training, this allows our Cadets to realistically train themselves until becoming part of a Branch. The following process must be done in order to rank through our System allowing the Cadet to Graduate. Our system comes along with practical and verbal trainings. This document describes each of the trainings hosted at [AoT:O] TC Camp.


4.1 Enlisted

Cadets will be taught about all the basics within the military, our history and everything needed for the future of the Cadets as a Branch member.

Passing Requirements

  • Four out of the five questions asked answered correctly (lore info).
  • Completing the test on faces without a failure, 3 strikes given.
  • Using indoor and outdoor voice correctly (only 2 chances given).
  • Senseful introductory sentences, abiding by lore and likelihood.
  • Basic respect and following orders belonging to the training.

4.2 Phase One

.During Phase I, the cadets will be tested on their agility and cope under stress, a certain amount of time will be given to complete an obstacle course.

Passing Requirements

  • Completing the obby in the given time or under.
  • Outdoor and indoor voice usage.
  • Basic respect and following orders belonging to the training.

4.3 Phase Two

Phase II consists of the learning of musket keybinds and functions, in this phase cadets will learn how to use a musket correctly.

Passing Requirements

  • Completing the keybinds test without getting 3 strikes.
  • Completing the aiming practice (three opportunities will be given to hit the target).
  • Proper usage of outdoor/indoor voice.
  • Basic respect and following orders belonging to the training.

4.4 Phase Three

Phase III will be a musket PVP based training, to prepare cadets for their branches and possible situations. Many different musket activities will be within the Phase.

Passing Requirements

  • Good teamwork shown throughout the training.
  • Skill and knowledge put to use within the activities.
  • Basic respect and following orders belonging to the training.

4.5 Phase Four

This phase will determine if a cadet graduates, in Phase IV, cadets are taught how to use the ODM gear. After having one minute to practice, they’ll be tested on their agility and skill to see how many napes they can get in an amount of time of 30 seconds.

Passing Requirements

  • 6 or more napes in 30 seconds. (6/7= graduate, 8+= Top Cadet)
  • Basic respect and following orders belonging to the training.
  • Outdoor/indoor voice usage.

5. Top Cadets System

Top cadets have shown to be the best at every aspect, the Top Cadets system allows Cadets to become part of the Military Police Regiment. They are considered the “leaders” and they represent the Cadets body.

Only 10 cadets are eligible to become Top Cadets upon Graduation. Top Cadets are given access to use the 3DMG gear at the TC-Camp, however, they aren’t allowed to use blades at any circumstance and are still considered Cadets. Some Branches may choose to have limitations for Top Cadets only, and an amount of Cadets.

5.1 Top Cadet Requirements

We choose Top Cadets at our 3DMG based trainings, top cadets are tested on their abilities with the ODM gear. However, any Cadet with a bad standing loses the right to become a Top Cadet as we do not choose any fooler as our representative.

Note: Previous to Graduation a Top Cadet could be removed from the system and replaced if inflicts a rule or not meeting expectations.

6. Graduation

Graduates met all the standards and expectations of TI. They completed all the tests in order to become a Graduate. Graduates aren’t longer required to attend trainings, however, they are allowed to observe or expectate a training without interrupting.

They must wait until the day of Graduation, Graduates are given the opportunity to become part of a Branch and fight for the humanity. Graduates are considered the next generation of soldiers, and they will now be in charge of defending, fighting, protecting and representing the humanity.

6.1 Eligibility to Graduate

  • Knowledge about the current lore, faces and the capacity to follow orders.
  • Agility under stress at any circumstance.
  • Decision Making Capabilities.
  • Muskets and fighting knowledge.
  • Competence, empathy and reasoning.
  • Skill in 3DMG combat.

Made by Thexforce123 and Bethqn


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