[AOT:U] We are looking for Programmers Intermediate/Advanced Level

About Us

Hello! Hope those reading this are doing well. We are outreach staff members for Attack on Titan: Universe, an immersive PERMANENT DEATH Attack on Titan experience that utilizes aspects of roleplay and storytelling to drive a narrative, primarily inspired by the Attack on Titan
world. Our mission is to bring a unique, well-rounded, and immersive world for the player base to interact, progress, and engage with.

As a team, we’re currently looking for advanced or professional programmers to help reform or alter the core aspects of our game. We are completely fine with a programmer that doesn’t necessarily know about the Attack on Titan anime, as long as we can maintain frequent communication between the project management and development team.

The Team
@WuanTheCat- Community Manager
@bagon03 - Head Developer
@LeonardEdgar - Overseer

About The Job

We are looking for scripters who know how to work with advanced module frameworks. This is currently what we would need to prioritize at this moment, however, we hope to keep developers long-term.

1. Shifter Combat Rework
Essentially, a combat system for large humanoids (shifters) that fight with each other and are capable of fighting smaller humanoids and receive damage from them. The goal is to make each shifter’s style and abilities unique.

  • An in-depth system utilizing blocks, punches, and specialized skills/tools for each titan.
    • Preferably a combo stringed-based combat, with the ability to interact with the environment as well as skills with different functionality for specific situations~
  • A system for normal-sized players to fight these shifters utilizing gear/tools
  • Forced shift without control once your health hits a certain level
  • Set levels with stats such as Hit Points, Stamina, Skills allowed, Hit Point Regen along with cosmetic distinguishability

2. A mindless titan/giant targeting AI framework

  • Unique person-to-person targeting based on distance and stat factors such as health.
  • Actions such as grabbing, stomping, nape swatting, and mouth grabbing based on their Y-axis position. Legs and arms should be able to be damaged or cut off.
  • Different titan variants

3. In-game medical injury system

  • Damage that logs on a datastore with injuries made up depending on the type of damage they took. (i.e: lost/crushed limbs, blade slashes, GSW, sprains, bruises, exhaustion).
  • Debuffs such as slower movement speed, less damage, limping/pausing.
  • Debuffs on the player’s mental state (i.e: Anxiety, PTSD, insanity with intrusive thoughts).
  • A healing system requiring a bed

4. Building Mechanics

  • An in-game building mechanic where players can use the resources they gather in-game (from their inventory) to build a preset building.
  • Visualized progressive system based on % of completion. Either through a highlight and/or physical appearance of progress.

5. Functioning Horse Carts and different Variations

  • Being able to withdraw/deposit resources or items into the cart.
  • Being able to pull the carts without horses.
  • Attaching and detaching the carts with your horse that’s spawned.

6. Polishing and Updating our current Module so the game is always optimized

  • Our current module is outdated, it needs major finetuning and modernization. This also goes hand and hand with our game’s mission and purpose; that being to provide an ever-changing lore and immersion for the players to dig themselves within.

7. Musket rework

  • Our current system is a projectile-based firing system. We wish to keep the type of bullet and hit registration however will leave the rework at the developer’s discretion.

8. Someone capable of working on a new module for the game, this would be a huge task and would be the main priority.

  • We intend to modernize our current module, as well as move towards a future new module with completely new systems and mechanics to immerse the player base.

9. Cannons

  • Looking for a more realistic, and smoother cannons.

10. Unrelated but we’re also looking for someone good at scripting discord bots.


We are capable of paying in Robux or USD. We have a reasonable (1,500 USD) budget depending on your skill and quality of work as well as guaranteed pay upon completion.

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