Aphthiton Pauldrons: Item is hanging off of players right arm

The toy item called Aphthiton Pauldrons is glitched, on the left side of the players shoulder the item is attached to the players arm but on the right side the armor is disconnected from the players arm and is just hanging off of the players arm, it’s currently misplaced. Which causes the item to look very weird and makes players who bought the toy to get the item unhappy.

How to reproduce this

Image and Gif



You need to note that you are looking at this item with the BTRoblox extension. This 3D view is not a part of the base website, and so it may be outside of the engineers’ control.


Pretty sure the attachment is located on the right side of the arm which causes that issue to be shown on r15, r6 seems better though as its just normal width/balance on animation.

This can probably be fixed though by attaching at the neck or HumanoidRootPart.

I’m saying the right and left from the backview of the player, which is actually correct if you look into it.

They’re definitely broken some way or another…

That bad boy missed my shoulder completely!