API Disabled in RCC Channel

I am using a discord webhook to log my data upon joining the game. It was working just fine before, but after I made changes to a GUI that has nothing to do with the webhook itself, it just breaks. The error I’m getting is “API Disabled in RCC Channel.”


The logs should show something like this.

It is working just fine in-game, but it’s not working in studio. (It was working before)

I have HTTP Request enabled. None of the changes I made have anything to do with the webhook itself.

This is also happening for me when I perform InvokeServer - can’t find a specific cause, hopefully someone else can.

can confirm this error is happening to me too when attempting to make some HttpService calls.

edit: More specifically, PostAsync calls

Hey @SelfDeclared The problem si caused By This: Attention group owners: Critical group security flaw with ranking users

Be patient And wait for roblox to fix the problem

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I don’t see how Roblox disabling group ranking endpoints would have any impact on whether or not RCC can make HTTP requests

Due to them disabling this, it’s affected other Roblox features for some weird reason.

CC: @Sonostrano20

Unless you have some proof, it’s just speculation. According to a few sources, RCCService is the name given to a backend server.

I doubt this was caused by group endpoints being temporarily shutdown.

Since this is a Roblox bug, you should probably file a report at #bug-reports:engine-bugs.

Not Really, I had the same problems of the post, this morning I don’t have it anymore So either it was an Endpoints problem or a problem with the roblox site problem that had problems yesterday

Link: Roblox Status

So, Whatever it was the problem, Of these things I have mentioned. Now it’s solved.

however if the problem of who created the post persists, I recommend creating a post on bug report.


Yes really, it is completely unrelated to Roblox’s endpoints, so it’s unlikely it’s affected by it. Unless you can give us some proof it is?

To prove HttpService doesn’t rely on Roblox’s endpoints, just setup a firewall and block all requests to roblox.com before you start playtesting. HttpService will work as expected, except of course if it’s trying to make requests to roblox.com directly, which is impossible without using internal api that is locked to developers.

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