API Endpoint for publishing roblox rblx and/or rbxm game files?

I am looking for a way of sending publishing a local file to a game, and looking for an API and can’t find anything documented with proper arguments

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Why do you need to know this? all Having a public Publishing Endpoint would do is make botting games extremely easy and pollute the platform

Incorrect. How do you think current games are published? Through an undocumented API.

@noahrepublic, here is an announcement about Open Cloud that allows you to publish through an API.

This is great, sadly not what I am looking for. That api you have to set a game, I will make mine a command app which you just specify the game Id

I found this, but not sure of the arguments:


You can try using a program like Wireshark or Fiddler and filter it for RobloxStudio and find the requests to that endpoint, and then try and specify the parameters / body.

I found a way in the rojo source code but having troubles with it do I just send json data?

It is sending XML as you see from the content type, and it requires a CSRF token also. So you will have to resend the request through the same method that they use.

I do not know rust, but try using a rbxlx file and send the request.

I am using c#, is there a way to convert rblx to xml? If you don’t know c# send me a snippet in whatever and I can try to ‘translate’

Not sure. Rbxl is a binary, and rbxlx is XML.

It appears they are POSTing to that endpoint with the proper authorization and the rblx file (encoded in binary) as a buffer for the body of the request.

Does it have to be binary? It says the content accept type is xml

I’m going off this.

I do see where it sets the content-type. Try both and see which works.

I think it passes the pointer to the buffer to make to_writer assign it the url and then run do_upload on it

You need Open Cloud’s Place Publishing API. Place Publishing | Roblox Creator Documentation