API Endpoint to get a group agent ID

I was trying to use the catalog API to see all creations by a group, in my research I discovered that to use the catalog API to search for a groups creations, you need an agent id. In the past, you could get a group’s agent ID by using the See All Creations button in a group’s store page, however, since the group page was redesigned, you can no longer get a group agent ID with this method.

You can still get a group agent ID with this method:

However, this is a “hacky” or “unofficial” method and halts innovation. Please add an API Endpoint to allow us to do so.


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You shouldn’t need to know the agent ID to be able to fetch catalog items for a group. You can do this by adding “CreatorType=Group” to the query string. Then you can pass in the group ID as the CreatorID parameter.

An example:
This will fetch catalog items for the group https://www.roblox.com/groups/851558/Kestrel