Apocalypse Rising 2 Alpha Changelog 02/23/2021

New Vehicles:
- Humvee
- Tractor
- Utility Truck
- Armored Truck
- Station Wagon
- Ambulance
- Sedan

Vehicle Changes:
- added the ability to use consumables and medical items while in a vehicle
- increased torque and friction for most vehicles (easier to climb hills)
- upgraded vehicle suspension to be more stable
- re-tuned most vehicles’ suspension to be more physically accurate
- re-tuned most vehicles’ turning and acceleration speeds
- re-tuned most vehicles’ wheel torque, ground material speed, and friction values
- re-tuned some vehicles’ storage capacity
- reduced maximum tire/wheel health for all vehicles
- removed the Hatchback
- fixed a visual bug with tail lights and their on/off states
- fixed particle effects appearing when vehicles are stationary

- added 5-player size limit
- added visual display for group member appearance
- added visual display for group members’ firearms
- added visual display for group members’ health
- added warning message prompts for various group activities

Player List:
- visual update to player list UI
- upgraded player list drawing behavior and performance
- new group members display UI
- made the player list UI vertically resizable
- added key bind for switching between player list and group list

- upgraded server text filtering rules
- visual update to chat UI navigation tabs
- fixed UI padding to better fit the Roblox home button
- upgraded chat drawing behavior and performance

- added a clinic, military tents, and unique gun store to Hastings
- added new campground structures to Refugee Camp
- added new lootable vehicle wrecks across the map

Safe Exit:
- added safe exit tab in the game menu
- added safe exit menu for feedback on saving status
- safe exit

Safe exit will let you unload from the game world and assure your data has saved before exiting the game. Using the safe exit feature will block you from re-spawning once the saving process completes, you will only be able to exit or rejoin the game.

- upgraded the infected config system to be more memory efficient
- various optimizations to how the infected replicate their state
- various optimizations to how characters replicate their stats
- reduced MAC-10 spawn rate by ~60%
- changed the position and information available in the debug stats UI
- fixed some item icons
- fixed an issue that kept the loading screen from appearing late
- fixed various bugs involving slotting items onto the hotbar
- fixed a bug where items dragged from the ground vicinity window couldn’t be rotated
- fixed a desync issue where stat degrade arrows could be desynced by a few frames