Apocalypse Rising 2 Alpha Changelog 11/11/2019

  • WIPED CHARACTER INVENTORY DATA (purchases and unlocked cosmetics were not affected)

  • Changed spawning into an existing character to be less random (game will attempt to spawn you nearby where you logged off, if no others are around)

  • Changed the distance that footstep sounds, infected sounds, reload sounds, and door/interaction sounds can be heard from

  • Slightly decreased swing speed for Pocket Knife

  • Slightly increased swing speed for all other melee weapons

  • Slightly reduced the spawn rate of most food and drinks

  • Changed firearm stats

    • Slightly changed the amount of ammo that will spawn with some firearms
    • Moderately reduced hipfire accuracy for all LMGs
    • Reduced spawn rate for most sniper rifles and battle rifles
    • Increased effective range of L96A1, PSG-1, Mosin PU Sniper, by ~75 studs
    • Increased effective range of G3, FAL, M14 by ~100 studs
    • Slightly reduced AUG firerate
    • Slightly reduced AKS-74U firerate
    • Increased Auto-5 capacity to 5 instead of 4
    • Increased effective range of all shotguns by ~50-70% (full damage will be dealt at a longer distance)
    • Slightly reduced SPAS-12 firerate
    • Changed SPAS-12 to spawn in police locations instead of special forces crates
    • Changed XM177 to no longer spawn in military or police locations

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