Apocalypse showcase

took 3-4 hours to make.


Looks amazing! One change I would make is adding a bit more foliage. In the third photo on the left, you can see behind the trees and it looks like just flat terrain. Maybe add another tree and some bushes to cover it up?

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I agree with you! Some more plant life would be great too!

My only question to the developer is: Is this supposed to be an abandoned apocalypse, or would this take place in recent times?

If this were recent, I would add a little bit of more people (Robloxians) and maybe the sky would look a little orange, do to, you know, fires and stuff. In fact, fires would be cool too!

All in all, looks awesome! Keep up the good work!

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That looks actually really good. but you see beside the trees you can see flat terrain, maybe you want to make like a small mountain to kill the flat terrain so it doesn’t looks empty.

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This looks absolutely amazing; the clutter and insanity reminds me of a chaotic world with an apocalyptic setting. Some more grass and moss, maybe around and growing on the cars, would be great. :smiley:

All in all, great build!

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Yes. I only did a strip of land on the setting. I’ll make sure to fill it out.

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