Apostrophe Doesn't Work

Sorry if this has already been posted. I almost never look at the Bug Reports forum, and I didn’t find anything related from a search.

Over the past few months (possibly up to a year?) my apostrophe has been entering the colon instead. For example, I’ll type don’t and in the chat bar and it will show don:t. I cannot use the quotation mark at all. It also shows up like this in chat.
In addition,
[ triggers @
SHIFT + [ triggers nothing
] triggers [
SHIFT + ] triggers {
\ triggers ]
SHIFT + \ triggers }

I am using a Razer Deathstalker with the latest drivers. Having Razer Synapse (used to customize your razer equipment) open or closed makes no difference. I am running Windows 7.

If I can provide any other details that would help you guys fix this I would be happy to.

What’s your keyboard layout? ROBLOX only appears to like en-GB and en-US layouts.

Edit: I tried switching to English (United States) - US. It made no difference.