Appareance Update: Scribbled 2.2.0 ALPHA

This updates will make the game look better! Here are they:

Main Changes

  • All scribbleds now have different types of appareance now: Ink scribbled has now some pens in his back and paint scribbled has a empty bucket. Drawn scribbled its still the same
  • Added posters: Currently all the posters are by me but they can be submitted in the community server. Instructions are there too
  • New Weapons:
    Metal Stick (DMG 25, Health 15)
  • New Products:
    Pencil Skin
    Paint Can Skin

Minor Changes

  • Made some extra minor building changes
  • Coding size has been reduced for better performance
  • Added some little eaters eggs, not adding badges because really, they are very little
  • Added some map barriers
  • Added and changed the anti teleport script (Thanks to @Sleazel )
  • Made some minor building edits

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that made movie audio be heard meanwhile a power outage was going on
  • Fixed the bug that made scribbleds froze once they got hit