Appeal Asset Moderation Flow

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to develop a game with some assets needing to be re-uploaded multiple times.

This is a regular occurrence, and here is how it typically goes…
You are developing your game, or an update to your game. You are either working on a menu, or texturing a vehicle. You upload the image and slap that bad boy in. You spend some time adjusting and developing other aspects of the feature. Unexpectedly, 30 minutes later or maybe the next day, you notice that the menu has some invisible elements, or that your car is a flat grey color. Did your internet hickup and fail to load the asset properly, or did the asset get moderated? You copy the asset id, open up Roblox in your web browser, and find the image asset by navigation or url editing. The image has been dis-approved. You know that there is nothing wrong with the image. Now you have to find the file on your computer, open it up in an image editing program, and adjust any pixel with an imperceptible change in value. You then save the image, re-upload the image to Roblox, swap out the imageframe or mesh texture. Then it is back and working again.

After all that, you pray to Builderman that you do not need to go through that process again with this new version of the asset, or any of the other image assets in your menu frame or vehicle.

Feature Request
If Roblox is able to address this issue, and cut out this whole process entirely, it would save me countless headaches and hours of development time.

A proposed solution would be an appeal button or appeal flow for assets that are moderated. If I could appeal an asset with a single click, to have it re-reviewed and possibly approved, it would save me the process of needlessly editing assets, re-uploading them, and changing asset id directories in my projects.


I think there is more to be said here too. One reason why moderation is so annoying is also because the uploading process is annoying when you are faced with a disapproved asset. It would be nice if they overhauled this web feature and implemented something more fluid like imgur where you can upload multiple assets at once or even click ellipsis on the asset and overwrite it with another asset which would require re-moderation approval. Last I heard, they have no plans to change the uploading process, but that was quite some time ago. :octopus:


You can also appeal an asset via this category :

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Yeah, I left this out because it is a process that can potentially take even longer, and is really just another symptom of the problem.

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I am trying to upload a scrollbar. 2 of the 3 images got denied and when I try to reupload them they are automatically being denied. Add a way to appeal assets!

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