Appetissant Staff Requirements

Staff Requirements

All staff in Appetissant must attend training to rank up. If you are a Senior Barista, you must either wait until MI applications open or work hard.

Trainees cannot work behind the counters until they are Junior Barista. This is because we want experienced staff behind the counters obviously.

All staff is required to use grammar and be professional always. If you make an accidental grammar or spelling error, simply correct yourself. If you see your co-worker not using grammar, give them a friendly reminder and if they continue to not do so, contact someone in #emergency-response or an MI+ in the cafe to handle them.

Recommendations and Applications

MI applications are not usually opened, but if you work hard you can get recommended. Recommendations are not always up, but when they are our MI+ team will look for hard workers. The other way is of course MI applications. MI application passers are always required to be trained after, unlike recommended users who just have to take an exam.

How long should you work at the cafe? No more than 30 minutes a day. We don’t want to overwork you, but we also want you to work for your rank. If you want to get the next rank, it’s important you work for it. You are more likely to get spotted working 30 minutes a day than working for 3 hours once a week.


I hope this is helpful to new staff and Senior Baristas that seek the next level of Appetissant. Happy working!

Appetissant Administration Team