Application Center: Open-source and fully customizable!

You are releasing an open source application, you should not discourage people from modifying it.
7,000 lines of whitespace is unnecessary. You could add a comment at the top saying so, or just let people edit it to their heart’s content.


If you go to settings folder and check EVERY Module script you can find what you need such as questions whats open closed etc

Discord is for 13+ And also discord is Unfiltered as of that, I feel the teens on the discord would be mature enough about if someone did start cussing in the application center, Another reason this is open sourced.

Discord to Discord contact is fine, as there are less strict guidelines of the discord community. However this is Roblox-Discord communication is where filtering is needed. Filtering isn’t just something to block out swear words, it was also made also for the purpose of keeping sensitive information safe, such as personal names, age, addresses etc… This is opened sourced so developers who use the system should be able to add filtering on their own, but for inexperienced programmers this may hard for them.

The topic of filtering discord webhooks was already debated and answered in the following link by a top contributor:
If you want to read more about the discussion here is the full forum post:

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Its nice to see an open sourced one, but it can easily be abused. ( Ihavnt read the code yet but i will soon), it would be nice if you added filtering and a ranking system to it (i can quickly code a basic bot if you want to use that.

So many offset.

This is not the only problem. The UI is so messy, no organization. I wouldn’t use this application center, even it is opensourced

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Thats one offset and the application center text is not like that you accidently enabled one of the setting things in text thing

Still, the asset organization can be done better

The application center stalls out after the last question and wont finish, it stops the progression bar and says Question Loading and wont let me go back.

We do not use Discord as a database. We do not reveal a lot of our back-end. We use MySQL, and Node as our back-end.

Is this supposed to be off-center?

Header moved to be fully covering the screen, Buttons more closer and your icon of your profile by your name, Sorry for this bad UI Designing.

Discord has no specific intended purpose. Using it as a “logging tool” is a loose umbrella term that you can sway in your favour. Here, they are using it as a means to keep track of specific data via a discord bot. Discord allows bots and bots (even Dyno and Mee6) have options for channels like audit-logs. Speaking of audit-logs, what a coincidence that Discord provides a server audit-log? Discord is a multi-purpose platform and using it to keep track of something is not going to get your account terminated. The rate limits are a result of the roblox community as a whole disrespecting the rate at which they send data to Discord.