Application Center: Open-source and fully customizable!

Application Center source by rampage studios - (me)
UPDATE 4.3 is being worked on for a second template to use with and Auto-Promotion

What is this??

This is and application source for ANYONE to use. Fully customizeable and free to use. We use Discords API To send all of the applications sent to YOUR Discord Servers Channel. This is really easy to do and fully customizeable center. One of the awesome features my team and I feel about this is the theme customization & progress bar. Need support setting it up? Use the guide below, Still confuse message @Samphirezs or @pasdalover in DevForum Messages

What does it have??

What it has
  1. Up to 6 Applications to use
  2. Up to 10 Questions – Pre-Made
  3. Fully customize able
  4. Dark-Mode - Overwrites the Custom Theme colors, but not background image, User enabled.
  5. Up to 6 Music Backgrounds
  6. Progress Bar
  7. Fully Customizeable Theme
  8. Special Payment to skip tru a question - If the owner enables
  9. Join are group to skip half of the questions - If the owner enables - Coming Soon
  10. Background Image

Setup Instructions

View Instructions

–Modify everything in the Folder Settings

--Move `` GUI `` to StarterGui

--Move the rest out of the folder to workspace.

Get the source

Change Log & Download - Update 12/15/2019
AppCenterV3.rbxl (42.4 KB)
AppCenterV4.rbxl (47.3 KB)



Notice, screenshots may look like theres bugs when there is NOT, Just the fact is I did not fill out the rest of the Application Module you suppose to edit for the name to show up, and its displaying the default one in the application module, First screenshot shows Error: name not found when its just default stage look, Application name also disappeared as I never configured it in the configured module file for the test place.

You can use V3 OR V4 all coding is the same but just differnt layouts and theme made by us.

V3 Screenshots


V4 Theme


Dev Alerts

all 6 songs seems to be brokenly oldly so it will play random song & keep looping it

Please do

please leave made by samphirezs in the header

Development Team

UI/Scripting - @Samphirezs
Scripting/Overseer - @pasdalover
Music - Roblox Audio Library

Bugs we are aware of

Non as of now.

What were working on

Trello Version of this SECOND PRIORITY
Discord Bot so we dont use webhooks MAIN PRIORITY

General Warning and what were doing to fix this

  • Do not send to many DiscordAPIs being sent, you will be risking your discord account, Reason is example 400 users apply for the 10 questions thats 4,000 messages being sent all at once.

What we doing to fix it 1:

  • What are we doing to make it better? We are working on allowing discordapi or you can use thew V5 We have not released yet to use trello insted. Reason not released? Under development, Expected release date? Unkown.

What we doing to fix it 2

  • Currently emailing discord and everything.

Fact about this to debunk

  • There is not gonna be like 100 or even over 20 atmost applying most I seen at like even 400k groups is at 3-6, Thats not much sometimes only 1-2.

Looks nice! I would recommend centering the actual application interface though. It bothers my OCD a little bit.


This is a pretty cool open sourced application center. Few improvements could be added such as centering the the whole application center UI, as it can be annoying for some people.

Also another question is that when it sends the application to the discord server, are you able to accept or decline the application which will let the user know or does it just send the application data to the discord server and you have to manually tell them whether they have passed or not?

Otherwise this is a pretty cool open source application center and is a great contribution to anyone out there who doesn’t have one but also doesn’t want to be paying for an application center for the start of their group or use.


Got to maunlly tell them. As I don’t do discord programming I only know how to do discord webhooks, and I think and positive you would need a bot for that.

Run a discord command to message the user using a bot. as I know some bot devs

Current Main Focus
New UI, As some your guys replys you guys are requesting some better UI, me and my team will be gladly working on brand new UI layout to make it 100% More better for you guys.

Possible release of new UI: 12/16\17/2019 - 12/20/2019

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How does the application system work behind the scenes?

Easy to say. Every question you do sends a app message to your disavowed webhook for your staff one the discord to read them

Read update log for screenshots of that

(On mobile atm)

This is actually amazing, you did a really good job!

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Discord is not a database. Do not use it as such ever.

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More info on that please. Such as reasons or even proof why not?

Multiable steps to protect it.
Don’t let users view
Don’t let users delete messages
Don’t let them modify the webhook.
Don’t let them modify the channels

Discord is not a database, that is a fact.

Using it as a logging tool is also not it’s intended purpose and your account may be terminated for using it as such. Discord’s stance on the matter couldn’t be clearer.

Trello, Discord, Google Sheets etc. are not databases and should not be used as a method for storing data. This opens you up to tough rate limits, a lack of control, security vulnerabilities, etc.

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Trello has been used in the past for applications and were very popular. I’ve been using discord for apps for around 1-2 years now and not terminated.

MyCenter and also popular application center also uses discord for applications insted of webhooks they use and bot.

Then they’re poorly coded applications and can easily be attacked. Don’t use Discord/Trello as a database. You are opening the door to many slip-ups and problems.

Let’s move this to Personal Messages.

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Is there a way to have the a application in one message instead of sending a new one for every answer?

This is really cool system great work! One critical thing to note is that this system does not have any text filtering which unfortunately does not meet TOS Requirements. Please try and incorporate text filtering ASAP when you are handling any inputted data that the player is giving to you through Roblox, otherwise there could be issues. Here are some useful articles on how to filter text data!


MyCenter uses its own database, not Discord.


ElliottLMz is correct. This violates Discord TOS and this also violates ROBLOX TOS considering you are using their platform to violate another platform’s rules. This is NOT okay. You should never use discord as a database, receiver or anything of the sort. Simple requests are allowed but not application centers.

Let’s say you have 10 questions and 100 people apply, that’s 1,000 messages being sent using that rate limit. Let’s say someone decides to use a RemoteEvent when modifying your system and that RemoteEvent is un-ratelimited? Any exploiter can simply loop a remote fire script, and then execute multiple times, this will result in the webhook being removed, server owner getting banned and the server getting deleted. The thing is that you (im_sams) provided users with this and didn’t say that there was a high chance of being banned. Discord’s API is NOT supposed to be used like this.


Instead of sending questions one by one send them in one message, as it gets very messy.

Hey, it’s great that you’re releasing resources for the community to use, but I do have a couple questions/complaints.

  1. Is there any specific reason you try to hide your source code with over 7K lines of whitespace? The title says open source, so I don’t see any reason to do this.
  2. Most of the code is not formatted properly, making it very hard to read. Proper formatting is a very good habit to get into, and I highly recommend doing it if you plan to release open source scripts.
  3. You’re abusing discord’s API, and your event that sends the requests only has Roblox’s 500 request limit to ratelimit it. This will get you banned from discord if someone chooses to abuse the insecure remote event. I’ve seen it happen many times before, to friends of mine.
  4. There doesn’t seem to be a way to configure questions per application, although I may have missed something.
  5. You should be able to configure as many applications and questions as you want, without being limited to 10 questions and 10 applications.
  6. The interface is not centered, feels slow and is really not comfortable to use for the end user. Navigating to questions takes a while, and you cannot go to previous questions, despite it being an option.

I did 7k lines of whitespace as its basically a warning for them anything you change below may break it.