Application Expectations

The Association of Magic

The following information will help you have a higher acceptance chance in any application within The Association of Magic. Troll applications will result in a ban from the Applications Portal with ZERO chance of appeal or removal.

Compliance with the ROBLOX Rules

- Your application cannot violate the Roblox ToS.
- Creating an application with the intention of trolling results in a decline.
- Do not say unkind things about people, other groups or anything else in applications.

Account age and security.

- Suspended users cannot apply for obvious reasons.
- To prevent people sending “joke” applications your account needs to be a certain amount of days old. The stock age/usual age is 2 - 3 months, other factors like account activity apply.

Expectations of your Application

- Your application must contain full grammar.
- Your application should answer the question that the form asks.
- Your application must look professional and show you to be fit for the job.
- Your application should meet the amount of sentences we ask for.
(Number of sentences in the form are done in roman numerals.)
I.e. [II+ Sentences] would mean atleast 2 sentences.

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