Application issue and GameStreaming issue with iPhone 6

I’ve been testing my game using different devices as I noticed some odd behaviour during a soft release, I’ve had no other replicable issues unless using an iPhone 6 - all other variables were kept the same (i.e. connected to WiFi, storage was wiped clean etc).

I used two iPhone 6’s (one running iOS 12.5.4 and another running 12.5.2), both had issues rendering game images on the application itself, and several aspects of the site (mostly animated parts of the website).

When entering a game streaming place, the game would be stuck in a perpetual ClientPhysicsPause mode without any UI headsup. Music still played, but there was no advancement of the simulation and the app itself froze (CoreGUI did not function). This part is resolved when GameStreaming is disabled, and I modified the code to ensure I wasn’t waiting for any specific object to stream in to no avail (although the latter was a shot in the dark considering it works for all of the other devices I tested).

Video of both the application issue and the issues relating to game freeze/crash are attached below:

Best wishes.

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If you change the StreamingPauseMode so it is no longer ClientPhysicsPause does the problem go away? Can you reproduce the problem in Studio with device emulation? Are you setting a replication focus?

Thanks for taking the time to look into this!

  • I have just tested this and can confirm that the issue does not resolve if I disable ClientPhysicsPause
  • Problem isn’t reproduced in Studio with device emulation
  • I have used both :RequestStreamAroundAsync and .ReplicationFocus, problem occurs regardless. Have also tested without requesting the area/focus

Anything unusual in the logs on the device? Are you able to create a simple repro place?

Will DM you the IPS files - bare with me while I email them to myself. I’ll be sure to create a repro ASAP too