Application to link official game website for 13+ users

As games on Roblox grow, developers have an increasing need to better organize their communities, promote content creators for their games, handle customer support and create a unique online presence for their game

It is difficult for Developers to promote their game outside of Roblox, and devs lack control for the branding of their game besides the limited options offered by the Game details page. This ultimately makes it harder to break into older age groups or gameplay niches which are not well-established on the platform.

It’s also very difficult for developers to communicate information back-and-forth with players on Roblox and handle basic CS needs. While Discord is a great tool for rallying a community, not all players have it and it is not publicly accessible by search engines.


  • Developers of games with an active playerbase should be able to fill out a form to request that an official website be linked on their game page for search engine crawlers and 13+ users.

  • The website would be reviewed and added to the game if it is appropriate and a good representation of the game. Roblox could also require a tag to be added to the website or the domain name to prove ownership and connection with the Roblox game.

  • “Inappropriate Website” will be a report option if a player is using the Report Abuse feature on a game that has an active website.

A live use case

Recently, my team hired Melon Dev to design and create a community hub landing page for our game, Vesteria. The website pulls the latest announcements and hottest posts from our Discourse forums, and it also pulls the most relevant new videos of our game for interested first-time visitors and existing community members alike to enjoy.

Check it out:


While our existing forum users love the easy access to important information, it’s difficult to get a lot of our community onto the site and build our search ranking and we cannot officially affiliate the site with our game. We’d be able to get a much wider reach if our website could be officially added to our game page.


Top Developers would be able to build greater internet relevance for their games, and create unique identities/branding separate from that of Roblox’s if they were able to link these websites on their game page. This would especially help games with older users that want to go above and beyond with the communities of their games and appeal to users who may not be generally interested in Roblox.


Another live use case:

@BuildIntoGames uses his website to link to all of his game, sell real-life merch and host a cool partner program to promote creators who play his games:

This website and others would be far more effective, and would receive higher search rankings if they were officially linked on Roblox games/groups.


It’d make sense to have something like this. Maybe having a feature like this could make things like Adopt Me’s recent record breaking concurrent player count, more likely to occur again.


Support. Much like @BuildIntoGames , I post development blogs every update on my website ( and I have to indirectly link to the website through a Twitter post.


Complete agreement

@Ristone3 made Roblox Titanic’s website on and during the 2019 egg hunt, we had a splash page for advertising the Egg Hunt mission. This feature would have made it a more interactive experience for our players and a lot of detail about the mission was put onto this page. It is a shame it was only viewed by a small amount of people already in our discord, rather than the broader player community.


Would be extremely useful for displaying game stats, upcoming updates, ability to report in-game exploiters, and much more. Minecraft server websites play a very big role for their servers, so it can be the exact same with game/studio sites too.


If they were to allow this I would have more opportunity to do business as a web developer. :smile:


Although this is a platform, I feel like most of our freedom is restricted, and because of that most of us are viewed by outsiders as roblox players and not actual video game developers. This feature here would just be one more step to getting more respect from outsiders and creating an environment for AAA development teams to form and flourish on this platform.