Applied for the ugc program, but I need help!

Hi everyone! I just applied for the ugc program, its been a few days and I havent got a response! How long does it usually take? Also here are my ugc designs I made on blender! Do you think I will make it in?


This post says it may take a few weeks: [CLOSED] UGC Catalog Applications - Now Open!

It’s a bit outdated, but I still doubt it will be any faster.

I think your UGC items are pretty good :+1: , but they could use a bit more uniqueness to them in my opinion, they’re a little bit generic.

:smiley: Best of luck!! If you don’t make it, you can always improve your skills and portfolio, and consider re-applying in future.

Thank you so much! All of this info helps a lot as I wasnt too sure about the ugc program. I hope I get in!!!

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