Appling AssmblyLinearVelocity problem via serverscript

I’m finishing up my combat script for a katana I’m making. However, when making the knockback for the hitbox a problem arose. This is code that is in my server script

function GiveFigureVol(Target,Destination, Force, LifeTime)
	for count = 0, LifeTime, 0.1 do
		Target.AssemblyLinearVelocity = Destination * Force +,5,0)

In GiveFigureVol(Target) stands for what the hitbox touched aka the target’s RootPart.
And when I print the target’s AssemblyLinearVelocity it prints as if the velocity is applied, yet the target does not move.
Here is a video of me hitting a Dummy.

The First hit box should launch the Dummy up in the air, yet he doesn’t move. Whats the problem?

I fixed it. I miss placed which character the velocity is applied to.

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