Apply force based on the player's position inside the custom explosion part

Hello everyone,

I’m making a custom explosion module and I’m wondering. How can I apply force to the character based on their position inside the explosion.

for example , if the player is on the left the force applied would be to the left and so on.

How would I achieve this?

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You can use CFrame.LookVector which is what i use for body movers

This is what i would do:

--Create body velocity and edit it to your liking
BV.Velocity = HRP.CFrame.LookVector * -intensity --Its negative to send the person backwards. 

This is relative to that persons position, so it might not work as truely intended but it should be a good start

If you have any questions, please let me know!

from what I know Body movers are deprecated so I’m trying to use HumanoidRootPart:ApplyImpulse()

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You can still use my line of code, LookVector counts as a vector3 aswell **

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Obtain the vector between two position points.

Starting from the center of explosion towards the players position.

In lua this would look like this

local blastDirection = player.Position - explosion.Position

local unitizedDirection = blastDirection.Unit -- male the length equal to 1

Video explaining the topic: