Applying an accessories inside a viewportframe

I’m trying to display an accesory on character rig in the viewport frame, it is created like this;

  • There is a worldmodel create and placed inside the viewportframe
  • I created the dummy rig
  • I place the accessory inside the dummy rig
  • I parent the dummy rig to the world model.

Currently nothing will happen, the accessory will remain in its world-position, rather than its attached position.
Is there something I’m missing here?
Is this an intended behaviour?

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World models do not completely support all the sorts of physics for the humanoid, such as accessories and attachments snapping afaik.

I think the dummy has to be parented to the workspace, add the accessories then parent it to the world model.

You didn’t mention where exactly the dummy is initially created prior to being reparented, so this is my closest assumption.

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Ah, ok, I initially didn’t place it in the workspace.
So now;

  • Clone the dummy model, place it in the workspace
  • call wait(1)
  • Clone the accessory, use the humanoid:AddAccessory() call to place it in the model
  • call wait(1)
  • Parent it to the WorldModel.

What I’m discovering;

  • Using the call even inside the workspace, the accessory refuses to attach, and will fall off the player.
  • The attachment names are correct.
  • Copying the UI element and pasting it in-game will yeild the same result.
  • Copying the UI element and pasting it in-studio will fix the issue, displaying the accessory correctly.

This is infuriating.

This post may explain the reason for an accessory not being automatically welded to the character.

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Actually, in my game I was able to have the accesories in there

All I did was put the accessory on it before inserting the character model in there.