Applying decal via script issue (not displaying in-game)

I’m making a simple game for coding practice. In this game, you can spawn a Sphere part and can arbitrarily give it special properties. An issue I am running into is with applying a Decal to a part, and having it be visible in-game.

Through Studio, spawning in a Part, adding the Decal instance, and adding an ID to the Texture property displays the decal correctly. However, the same does not apply when trying it through Script.


--robloxID is an integer
decal.Texture = robloxID 


decal.Texture = tostring(robloxID) 


decal.Texture = "" .. tostring(robloxID)


local idLink = ""
decal.Texture = (string.format(idLink, tostring(robloxID))

has no effect, even though the ID is valid.

I could only get the decal to display when copying it from a pre-existing part:

decal.Texture = workspace.getDecal.PreTexturedPart.Decal.Texture

However, this is unideal because I want decals to be arbitrarily created and inserted, not pre-created and pre-inserted. Is there any way to allow my system to work?

I know that the function itself works because it prints the correct ID when I run it, and it displays the correct string in the Decal instance itself when inspecting it via the workspace while my game is running.

Any help would be appreciated!

If you want to know what the correct idlink format is you can paste the ID into a decal using the properties window! I believe it is:

"rbxassetid://" .. id

After verifying if this is the correct prefix, setting the ID should be as easy as:

decal.Texture = string.format("rbxassetid://%i", robloxID)

Disclaimer: There may be issues with code provided above as I have not double checked in studio if this is correct or not.

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No luck, the decal is still read, but invisible. :frowning:
I tried a few variations, such as:

decal.Texture = string.format("rbxassetid://%s", robloxID)
decal.Texture = string.format("", robloxID)
decal.Texture = string.format("", robloxID)

as well as changing each variant of “robloxID” to “tostring(robloxID)”, but that didn’t work either. I checked the Texture property and the value does display correctly, the decal itself just doesn’t show up in-game for some reason.

Would you be able to send link to the asset you are trying to use as a decal?

It does display when I applied the decal in Studio and when manually applying the decal’s ID while using Test Mode in Studio, just not through Script.

i thought it was

Decal.Texture = "rbxassetid://000000"


script.Parent.Decal.Texture = string.format("", 6886240593)

works perfectly fine for me with the following layout:

Have you tried printing robloxID to make sure that the ID is supplied properly? Have you also verified that the correct decal.Face is selected?

@sussy_bacoo So did I, but it seems that is not for decals, but it is for images in UI.

EDIT: After re-reading your post I noticed that you had a sphere. In that case it seems that “rbxassetid://” is the correct prefix. The following code worked for me, with the same layout as pictured above.

script.Parent.Decal.Texture = string.format("rbxassetid://%i", 6886240593)

Though I need the Decal ID to be arbitrarily applied as the ID gets passed through a function, so I sadly can’t use that method of having it be pre-written regardless :frowning:

what if you make a brand new decal instead of changing a single one

local decal ="Decal")
			decal.Parent = workspace.part
			decal.Texture = (texture)
			decal.Face = Enum.NormalId.Top

It works, I think! Still tinkering around with a few things, it worked when I copied the same line into my pre-existing script thankfully, but overall the texture does display now. Thank you!

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Wait, I need to double-check this real quick. I accidentally left another line in there which may be adding the texture instead…

Yeah, this works! Just stopped working when I retried it in my current script. Again, no idea why. I’ll probably have to rewrite some stuff to account for this method, but I appreciate this solution. Thank you :slight_smile:

If you need some help fitting this in somewhere just let me know and I’ll be happy to help you out. :smile:

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