Applying Humanoid Shirts to Skinned Meshes

A large community despises the looks of the R16 rigs, and overall feel that R6 rigs are better- however as a developer its often times difficult to capture what you’re attempting to achieve with such simple rigs and as a result; rigid movement.

So, what am I attempting to achieve? When it comes to programming, I’m relatively well off, but I do feel that the solution can be found via scripting. So- I am attempting to replace (or cover) the default R6 rig with a Skinned Mesh arm, allowing users to still have the R6 feeling that they enjoy, while also allowing me- as a developer, to have more unique animations.

The issue at hand is clothing. When replacing the arms within a default ROBLOX Rig, you lose the clothing on the arms and other custom meshes that you put within the model.

Here is an example of what this looks like. The arms are what’s replaced with a new skinned mesh here.


Any ideas? PS. While searching for this topic there was nothing solidified for what I need, everything was inclusive in having custom clothing- I want it so the players clothing is what’s used.

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Could be wrong, but you can’t actually do anything here until Roblox natively supports this. Character rendering is baked into the Humanoid object. I did try replacing R6 limbs with just standard MeshParts to try and get the shirt to render on them to no avail.

You need to follow some pretty strict patterns when it comes to modifying the character sometimes. It seems that skinned meshes isn’t one of the criteria for allowing shirts to render. I have no idea what skinned meshes are though; if it’s just a MeshPart, it should work if you don’t have a texture applied, or MeshPart limb support could be R15-exclusive and R6 rigs just don’t support rendering clothes to anything other than normal parts.

Hm, that’s really unfortunate then. Thank you for your help. A Skinned Mesh is just a mesh part with bone data.

I don’t have textures applied so it must be r15 exclusive.

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Hello! This may help: Dogu15, a mesh deform R15 Rig [Updated!]