Dogu15, an improved R15 Rig [Mesh Deformation!]


I was trying to do full deform rig, but I have troubles with weight paints.
If someone’s better with them, feel free to edit!
Dogu15 attempt.fbx (145.8 KB)

I’m not sure if I will finish work on it, but I have provided a resource.


Hello, this is a thread about my Dogu15 rig, which is open sourced.
It will be used in my upcoming game for aesthetic and texturing reasons! You can see the example here.
It’s link will be at the bottom of the post.

Why is Dogu15 cooler?

Dogu15 rig fixes few flaws the original R15 1.0 had.

  • It’s meant to replicate R6’s smoothness and triangular bevels, which R15 for some reason doesn’t have.
    Smoothness was accomplished with Blender’s Data Transfer.
    I also made sure that textures are pixel precise.

  • It fixes the shirt / pants texturing problem which original had.
    No more lower limb texture on the upper limbs!

  • It resembles the original R6 1.0 more!

  • There’s a skinned mesh attempt too!


What should I consider while using it?


  • The legs bend more naturally, but at the cost of leg animations sometimes being displaced.
    You might want to consider that while using crouch / squat animations that were originally for normal R15.
  • Different sizes. They are 1:1 R6 proportions, while respecting the R15 texturing format.
  • I haven’t tested compatibility with the other packages. You might want to tweak it.
  • Accessories should work properly.
  • I’m not sure how Rthro settings will affect it. Most likely knees will clip.


  • It respects R15 proporions more.
  • They use more triangles for arms and legs. Also that’s 6 more unique meshes.
  • It scales better, because there’s no modelled knee joints!
  • You might notice a small gap between hands / feet.



  • "Can I use it in my stuff?"
    Yeah! Crediting me for Dogu15 rig would be welcome! You might want to also let me know.
    I want to see what you can come up with!
  • "Can I modify it?"
    Yes of course. It’s an open source model. Let me know if you did any improvements!



Test place:


Really awesome stuff and a very unique resource for the community!

Would you mind open-sourcing the demo place as well (just as a way to forestall questions/troubleshooting if anyone is having difficulties setting it up)?


Alright, that’s a good idea! I will do it soon.

EDIT: It’s open. I replaced the tool, so animation can be seen by everyone.


That’s great thank you! Was going to do this myself to optimize the meshes. Does this mean if I use it in my game people can still wear what they chose on the website?

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Really helpful, thank you. :smile:


Depends on how you will handle it. It might have problems with Rthro scaling, like I said.


Hi there, thanks so much for this - I might use it in an FPS I’m working on as it looks like it will make arm joints look smoother!


Wow! You don’t know how much I disliked R15, but animations look much better on R15 than R6. So I was stuck with it. But this gives back the classic R6 vibe with same benefits for R15. Thanks a lot, I will definitely be switching to this.


Thank you so much. Will be interesting to see how people will make animations with these.

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Really nice rig, I hope the community uses this well! :smiley:

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Really interesting concept. Our community (SCP Clan) has really ground hard against R15 on our games. We’ve favoured it for animation and future expansion reasons. I’ll definitely investigate this and credit you if we do end up implementing it / a similar idea :slight_smile:


Definitely a unique, yet very helpful and interesting resource for the community! I’ll be sure to try this out in my games. Thanks!


You never knew you wanted this but now you need it.


Update, everyone! Now we get to have a neato deformation!


I was waiting for someone to provide a resource like this. You’ll have my credit no doubt in my project. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the community!

This is pretty legendary! I’d love to see future patches result in a unified torso mesh.


@Dogutsune Can’t wait to see this on games!

Also, can you please uncopylock the test game?

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Random question, but would it be possible to get an .fbx of the mesh deform rig? So that people can use blender with it?

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I might publish an .fbx, but I will have to warn you - the “rig” looks silly.
Arms and legs have symmetrical bones, that’s why there’s only one leg and arm.
Torso, feet and hands are missing - because they were from first version.

I might make a fullbody deformation rig, but no promises.


Awesome!, If it see’s the light of day would be amazing!

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