Applying linear velocity to an NPC

So I have a fighting game I’m working on and the main combat system is setup. There are NPC dummys (just models in the workspace) that you can hit. I have knockback setup for players already, which fires to the client that should have knockback applied to and then applys a linear velocity to their player on their client.

This works pretty well, however I need to have knockback also apply in the same way to these NPC dummys, but I can’t fire it to their client since they aren’t a client, I can’t fire it to all clients because then the server won’t see it and it would get out of sync (I’m pretty sure?), and I can’t do it on the server because linear velocity is laggy for clients when run on the server, so I’m not sure what I should do. Should I just use a difference velocity force? I guess I could always use body force but I’ve been trying to avoid using it since it’s deprecated.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

set the networkownership of the NPC’s body parts to the client of the person hitting it (from the server)

then move the NPC on that client. It replicates the movement to the server and the other clients without lag and in sync

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