Apprise - Notification System

Apprise allows you to easily send in-game notifications to players, and it can be customized to your choice very easily even if you’re not a scripter!!


Get Apprise


Put the “Main script” in ServerScriptService

Put “Notification script” in Starter Gui

Put “Remote Event” in Replicated storage

And you’re good to go!! If you want to customize, please read the steps inside the script(s).


I don’t understand why you would use this, it’s just a remote event that uses setcore to send a normal notification?


I don’t understand you’re question @RoTTBloxs

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He means its very basic, using StarterGui:SetCore() is quite easy and what most people can do. Having a tutorial for this doesn’t really make sense imo.

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I mean, I made this for people who don’t know scripting. And I also put the meaning of the code in the script so that they can understand. Even if it is basic, it could help them learn something new… :smiley:


Thank you, never realized people actually got their notification system using this.

Most people don’t use this either, this is just a very simple example of how you can use Roblox’ core notifications.

Normally you can use the following in a LocalScript:

local CoreGui = game:GetService("StarterGui")

CoreGui:SetCore("SendNotification", {
	Title = "Notification";
	Text = "With some text";
	Duration = 5;
	Button1 = "Dismiss";

The only thing this “Notification system” allows you, is to add a RemoteEvent so you can fire the notification from a ServerScript. This resource is meant to save you one minute of work (I guess).


I actually used a different method of using my notification system, but yeah, I see where you’re coming from.

is there a way to change the script so that instead of sending it when a player joins it notifies the player every 15 seconds?

Yet, they need to know basic scripting in order to fire their own ones at custom times.

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This is probably more complicated for people who don’t know scripting than writing the 1 line of code themselves

Seems cool, but could be better using a module for that instead of RemoteEvents.

As others in this thread have said, this is using a built-in Roblox function.


Developers can simply do this to send a notification to players:

   Title = "Example";
   Text = "Example";
   Duration = 10;

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