Appropriate handling of posts in Bug reports

Before I start, I would point out that I stringently considered what category to post this but since the more then inconvenient closure of the parent category forum feedback I felt this was the most appropriate and in a way posting it in #forum-feedback:forum-bugs I personally find humorous given the nature of the post.

Recently I have noticed a huge portion of bug reports in #bug-reports being either removed / locked / critiqued / minimoded for not being ‘bugs’ and instead feature requests, however for the sake of forming a constructive and rule abiding argument I will only discuss and/or make complaints about the latter 2 options.

The main argument against some bugs being reported in #bug-reports is that they are more features and something to be added / modified then something that is unintentional, however if we were to examine more closely what a bug is it is, to quote wikipedia:

‘an error, flaw or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an unexpected or incorrect result’

Therefor if the reported behaviour is because it is creating an output that from a user perspective is either unexpected or incorrect it is still a bug regardless of if it has always been that way / was never designed to not be that way, and therefor posts should be handled under that definition and only moved to feature requests if it is suggesting something entirely new.


Bug reports and feature requests are processed in different ways internally. This is an organizational procedure. Additionally, leaving a bug report up when the behavior is intentional will be fruitless because most often the topic will ultimately fail to convince people that the “buggy” behavior should be changed, or how important it actually is that it be changed; the issue is framed as a bug and users replying are not encouraged to explain why the behavior should change or how the behavior is bad for them, only that the behavior is “wrong” (which is not the case). It is harder to judge the priority of the change if it is misframed as a bug report, because a bug report assumes the behavior is already wrong.

Closing these topics encourages users to find or create a feature request and properly explain why the behavior should change, in addition to not requiring Roblox make weird exceptions for threads in the way they process them internally.

Also please don’t center your text, it’s harder to read when you’re being fancy with formatting.