Approve the template place thumbnails

The two marked template places (Starting Place and Team/FFA Arena) have their thumbnails become rejected as with the recent change to the thumbnail policy - and many people will see these icons when using studio, which will give an impression of missing care of the ROBLOX Studio product.

Not certain if Studio Features is suited for this, but my reasoning is that the thumbnails are only (mostly) seen for people who use the ROBLOX Studio product, and would otherwise be a Web Feature/Web Bug, as the problem is that the web image assets are rejected.


Thanks for pointing this out, we are investigating.

Don’t suppose it’s possible to get a few of the old classic games approved also? I don’t think a house like this is in the ‘Dodge the teapots of doom’ game if someone made a mega list of them that would help.


We are going through and automatically creating thumbnails for old popular content but it is a slow process because moderators have to approve every image.


+1 Respect

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