Aqua Swimming Winter Competition

Aqua Swimming Winter competition:
Welcome to the Aqua Swimming Winter competition! In this competition swimmers will be able to make diving routines to present to judges who will score accordingly and are able to compete against others in swimming races. This guide will cover signing up, schedules and level requirements.

D&T: Saturday 9th September
Location: Aqua Swimming Competition Pool
Time slots avaliable: 4PM GMT and 9PM GMT


It is important to maintain a fun and positive atmosphere to makes things run smoother in the competition! Make sure to follow ROBLOX’s community guidelines, these can be found here.

  • Be a good sport and be supportive!
  • Follow correct level requirements
  • Only compete on one account
  • Arrive on time so you won’t miss your slot
  • No trolling or being rude

Signups and Schedules:

Swimmers can sign up for the competition until the 1st of January. If all the information is valid on the signup, swimmers will get a spot on the schedule!
Signups have now closed.

Schedules are now out! You can click here

Level requirements:

  • Novice (Recommended for levels 1 and 2)
    ~ Forwards dive - 3 flips [Lower boards]
    ~ Backwards dive - 2 flips [Lower boards]

    ~ 3 lap swimming race

  • Intermediate (Recommended for levels 3 and 4)
    ~ Forwards dive - 4 flips [7.5M boards]
    ~ Backwards dive - 3 flips [7.5M boards]

    ~ 4 lap swimming race

  • Advanced (Recommended for levels 5 and 6)
    ~ Forwards dive - 5 flips [10M boards]
    ~ Backwards dive - 4 flips [10M boards]
    ~ Twisting dive - 3 flips (Must include 1 twisting flip) [7.5M boards]

    ~ 5 lap swimming race

  • Elite (Recommended for level 7 and Elite team)
    ~ Forwards dive - 6 flips [10M boards]
    ~ Backwards dive - 5 flips [10M boards]
    ~ Twisting dive - 4 flips (Must include 1 twisting flip) [10M boards]

    ~ 6 lap swimming race


  • Diving
    [0.5] Pause between each flip
    [1.0] Slanted dive
    [1.0] Flipping in water
    [1.0] Lunging
    [2.0] Not hurdling (only applies to forwards facing dives)
    [2.0] Flipping in zoom/ shift lock
    [2.0] Touching board after flipping off
    [3.0] Not following correct requirements
    [10.0] Falling off at the end of the board

  • Swimming
    [DISQUALIFIED] Starting early (False start)
    [DISQUALIFIED] Not touching walls
    [DISQUALIFIED] Jumping while swimming
    [DISQUALIFIED] Swimming into another lane
    [DISQUALIFIED] Swimming under surface

Hopefully this guide covered everything you need! Good luck to those who are competing!