Aquatic Adventures Public Handbook

:ocean: Welcome to Aquatic Adventure! :diving_mask:

:beach_umbrella: “Join our Aquatic Adventure!” :palm_tree:

Who are we and what do we do?

:swimming_man: Founded in March of 2022, Aquatic Adventure is the premier water park roleplay experience on ROBLOX! We strive to provide the best service and uphold our welcoming community. Aquatic Adventure is always making sure we have the most up to date games so you can have the best experience possible. Our number one goal is to provide a very realistic waterpark roleplay experience on ROBLOX! :person_playing_water_polo:

Important Links

Group Link
Group Twitter

Game Rules

Respect - Make sure you are respectful to everyone in game, if someone is being rude to you, please report them to a SHR+ Causing Drama will also result in consequences for disturbing the Community’s time at Aquatic Adventure.

Sessions - Once you host a session, someone else needs to host next, we cannot have the same person host twice in a row as that would be unfair to other Staff Members. & if the last session was a Shift, the next session would be an Interview, & if the last session was an Interview, the next session would be a Shift.

Handbook - Use the Handbook located in the Group Description to find all important documents for you to follow, they will go over how to run Shifts, Interviews, Events, & will link you to the Staff Guide.

Impersonation - Impersonating Staff Members is not tolerated, it is counted as a security risk as people can start sending around false rumors, & try to destroy reputations out of enjoyment even when it isn’t true.

Advertising - Here at Aquatic Adventure we DO NOT under ANY circumstances allow advertising for you or your group! This includes server links and group links.

Spamming - Spammers will be kicked 3 times before getting banned. It isn’t cool especially to those who are trying to communicate with others via the chat.

How to get a Job

At Aquatic Adventure we have 2 ways of getting hired as a staff member. Some of these ways are easier than others.

First option: Applications + Training

This is the most simple option and is used at almost every roleplay group today. To get hired as a trainee you must first go to our 24/7 application center and apply for trainee. Once you have taken the application it should take no more than 3 seconds to grade your application and it will automatically promote you to Trainee. Once you have received the rank of ‘Trainee’ your next step is to attend a Training at one of our scheduled times. You should always arrive 5 - 10 minutes earlier than the session start time as servers lock at XX:00 and you will have to attend the next session. Once you have passed your training you will be ranked Lifeguard and you will have to achieve the right amount of worker points before being able to attend another training for your next rank.

Second option: Interview + Training

Similar to the first option, this one will allow you to take a quiz of some sort for a rank and get trained for your rank! However, you will be able to get the opportunity to get an MR rank from interviews if you attend an ‘MR Interview’ as they are longer and more challenging. You must get 12/15 or better on your interview and pass the MR training to get MR. An MR interview will not be hosted by its self and will have to be combined with an MR training (Not listed in training schedule).

Staff Guides

These are important to staff members and are used everyday in V1.

:handshake: Interview Guide
Coming Soon

:ocean: Shift Guide
Coming Soon

:tada: Event Guide
Coming Soon

Alliance Information

Requirements for Partnership:

➔ Group must have at least 100 members.

➔ Group must have active.

➔ Group must be organized and conduct themselves professionally.

➔ Group must be willing to shout and attend Astrelize events.

➔ Group Representatives must communicate with our team.

➔ Group members must not break our set rules at our games.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact any member from our staff team for assistance. Thank you for being apart of our roleplay community!

Best Regards,
Aquatic Management