Aquatic Pools - Full Rank Changes Overview

What are the rank changes?

On 3/19/22 the rank names were changed and many ranks were added/removed as well. In this post I am going to go over all of the changes and what they mean. The rank changes were a simple renaming + adding 6 new ranks. Nobody's rank was missing during the process of this change.

Why are the rank names changed?

There are many reasons that went into the decision however Ownership's main reason was the addition of more ranks for Council Intern & Pool Council to earn as well as expanding our leadership team to 5 different ranks.

What ranks can do what?

The permissions have not changed since before the rank names were changed. The only difference is that there are more ranks that are harder to achieve.

To clarify:

  • Vice Chairperson ranks and higher can host. (Both shifts & Interviews)
  • Corporate Intern ranks and higher can supervise/help. (Both shifts & Interviews)

What is the new leadership?

The leadership team used to be one rank called "Executive Board". This rank would handle most of our affiliation work and other community coordination work. We've now split the workload across 3 different departments that will work together.


Board of Directors - Department leads

Chief Moderation Officer - Moderation Department
Chief Staffing Officer - Staffing Department
Chief Relations Officer - Public Relations Department
Executive Assistant

Aquatic Director
Aquatic Council

Leadership ranks can either open up for applications once a month or you will be selected for it. New SHR ranks require Leadership+ selection.