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I’d like to thank you for providing a platform like the Roblox Developer Forum for developers to communicate and exchange ideas. I’ve noticed that Arabic isn’t included in the current list of supported languages. I want to emphasize the importance of adding it, considering the significant number of Arabic-speaking developers who need a dedicated space for communication and assistance

I propose adding an Arabic category to the forum


Arabic has more speakers than the population of the United States, like around 380 million speakers, so this isn’t a small deal at all. Along with the Arabic category, they should add support for the arabic language on the main site as-well.


I support the idea of expanding the forum to another international community, which are those that speaks Arabic!

I believe that this category should follow the same scope of subcategories from the Italian community too that brings a lot of spaces to engage and seek for assistance.


This is exactly what we want

I have been developing in Roblox Studio for 4 years, but I do not see the appropriate place to share my ideas and benefit from some other experiences from the community that is suitable for me.

I hope to create a community for the Arabic category to the forum


A whole day has passed on the topic and until now we have not seen any reply from Roblox developers :slightly_smiling_face:


You should definitely not expect a response within a day; the people responsible for features like this probably have a lot on their plate already and pressuring them to respond does not help with that


I’ve linked this to our DevRel team. To put up a category for a language we need to have a DevRel team member focused on that part of the community / that speaks the language and such / that can moderate the posts. Please do not expect an update any time soon™ due to these reasons, but thank you for posting the concern nonetheless.


I understand completely. Thank you for your consideration and response. I appreciate your efforts in this matter. Looking forward to any future developments. If there’s a way we can assist with the DevRel team, we’re ready to help

Hi @7yooso,

We are aware of the demand for more local support in Arabic, and we do have future plans to expand our localized channels for creators.
Arabic is on our radar, but we have no current information regarding when we will be rolling out channels for the language.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to sharing more with you when possible!


Understood, thank you for addressing this. We appreciate knowing that Arabic support is being considered for future expansion. Looking forward to updates when

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