Arbors Angels | Manager + Traffic Head

Arbors Games

About Us

Hello, Arbors Games is the studio group related to Arbors Angels a legal business in the state of Florida. Arbors Games goal is to create enjoyable experiences for players on Roblox. We are currently still in the early stages of development with our current project.

The Team
@ARBORSangels - Group Holder
@ARBORScloud - Developer
@ARBORSpink - Manager
@ARBORSlight - Staff

What are we currently working on?

As of right now we have been working daily on a Role-Play game that is set to complete by December. You will be briefed on more information regarding the game upon contacting @ARBORScloud. Here are a few facts about our project…

90% of building will be completed in Blender.
100% of our Game is made by 1 person.
This project has had weeks of preparation before game development started.

About The Job

The managerial role with us with like most things in life will start off more difficult than it will eventually be. You will be required to manage the staff below you & different team that will be put together to help us produce the best product possible. You aren’t in charge of doing the team’s work, but simply making sure they’re doing their task. You will be assigned a few teams.

The traffic head is a title I like to use for someone in charge of the traffic coming to our desired targets. This is another “more difficult than it will eventually be” type of role. This role will only exist for the early stages of our discord server. You will be in charge of making sure we reach our 10,000 Discord Member mark by December.

Keep in mind you will always be receiving help & always in communication with the head of Arbors Games & Arbors Angels, which is myself. With that being stated, if you aren’t able to respond throughout the day & odd hours or struggle with your communication skills, these roles aren’t for you.

Please contact me through DM. My profile is located in our server.

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