Arcade Simulator | Scripter position open!

ABOUT US :joystick:
Hello, I am founder of BloxyArcade. The first arcade roleplay on roblox. We offer the ability to experience the full arcade experience. From purchasing tickets, to playing game, to earning points, and to getting a prize, the experiences are endless. We offer the perspective of customer, aswell as staff!

WHAT WE NEED :video_game:

We are searching for an experienced scripter to program arcade machines. Examples would be Connect 4, Wheel Of Fortune, Claw machines and prize spinners. What you would do is script the machine to work with taking credits, ability to play the game, and rewarding with points. Dm for any questions. You will also be doing some other smaller scripts like announcements system etc which isnโ€™t mandatory.

PAYMENT :dollar:

We are offering 100-200 robux an hour as well as 40% of revenue. The hourly pay will increase once we release to 500-1000 per hour.


Add me on discord! Trophane#8773

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