Arcane Odyssey - Early Access Information

Small November Update Patch Notes

Dark Sea Update Patch Notes

Trello Link: Trello

  • Has the full game description. Also, this Trello is the main place to go to learn more about planned features, the current update progress, things planned for future updates, patch notes, and more.


  1. Do not violate Roblox’s Terms of Use; especially exploiting.
  • 1.1. This includes trading robux or real-life currency for in-game items.
  1. Trading any content outside of Arcane Odyssey for in-game contents and vice-versa is forbidden, this is known as “Cross Trading”.
  • 2.1. This includes trading anything concerning other games for something in Arcane Odyssey. However, art commissions are allowed in exchange for Galleons or in-game items and vice-versa.
  1. Using alternate accounts or others to help boost Renown, Clan Infamy, and statistics is forbidden.
  • 3.1. This also includes joining a clan to sabotage their Clan Infamy.
  1. Do not abuse bugs of any kind; instead, report them on the Forum or Discord server.
  2. Do not attempt to impersonate any staff.
  • 5.1. This also extends to in-game factions and their logos.
  • 5.2. Impersonating already existing clans is also forbidden.
  1. Do not use macros or external programs.
  2. Do not harass other players in any way.
  • 7.1. It is especially forbidden to engage in witch-hunting (e.g. A group of players hunting a solo player.)

    • 7.1.1. Leaderboard, Clan, and any group of players are exempt from this rule’s protection.
  1. Do not attempt to find loopholes to violate these rules.
  • 8.1. Attempting to break the rules is also an offense that will result in the same punishment as the rule that the player was intending to break.

By playing the game, you accept these rules.

TO APPEAL A BAN: Create a ticket in the Discord (Linked on the game page)

Early Access - Why?

Arcane Odyssey is currently considered to be in an “Early Access” phase, since a lot of the games side content and features are not yet added. As shown on the game’s Trello board, there is much more story planned, as well as entire seas, multiple large features, more things for players to do, and more skills the players can learn.

I decided to release the game in this state since it has already been over 2 years when I’m posting this since development on the game started, and both due to my own impatience, money issues, and the community’s impatience with the constant changing estimations, I figured it was best to just put the game out as an Early Access.

While it would’ve been great to take a few more months to release a game in a “full release” state, where the game is up to my own standards with as much content as it can possibly have, it just unfortunately wasn’t an option.

Among the major features missing for the game to be considered a full release are:

  • Dark Sea content - The Dark Sea is meant to be a sandbox end-game type of area where new things will constantly be added. Due to its random nature, its the perfect place for mysteries, challenging enemies, random-spawning islands, giant sea monsters, magic weather, and more.
  • Additional Rare Spells, Rare Weapons, and Rare Techniques - These are the main things that add variation to builds, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to add a lot of them before the game released. During Early Access I plan on adding many more of each of these types, and continue to add them far into the future.
  • Potion Brewing - What sounds like a simple mechanic, adding this would include random underwater structure spawning, shipwreck spawning, more loot for the Dark Sea, an additional sandbox-esque mechanic for the game, more types of items for the player to collect, and another side activity for the player to increase their skill in. The brewing plans are very expansive, with about 50 effects planned and 8 or so different potion types, all of which can be mixed together.
  • Player Professions - The ability for the player to level up professions such as Brewing, Cooking, Treasure Hunting, Bounty Hunting, and many more, and earn titles, unique vanity items, and other things from doing so.
  • Clan Island Building - A massive feature that will allow clans to build structures on their captured islands, save, load, and upgrade them, both for looks and better defenses.
  • Unfinished Bronze Sea - Despite having many islands already, the Bronze Sea is still not finished, as I plan to add about 3 more large islands to it, one of which will be crucial for a future story part.
  • And more things such as: arcanium weapons, spirit weapons, gem crafting, ghost ships, legendary ship battles, etc.

As you can tell, this game is highly ambitious, and like it says on the Game Information card on the game’s Trello, I plan to work on this game as long as it takes for the story to finish and all of these features and more to become a reality. I’m extremely motivated to continue building onto this game for years into the future, as well as hiring more developers to help improve the game further. I’ve already unfortunately been through about 4 stints of demotivation and burnout at times when working on the game, but I’ve worked through it each time, so hopefully that shows how dedicated I am to this game. My goal in life is to become an author, and write books about this game, so continuing it and finishing its story will be important for realizing that in my future.

Current Issues

As with most Early Access games, this game has its fair share of issues that will be present during early access and before the full release. A few that I’m aware of are:

  • Lack of abilities which decrease build variety. Adding more rare spells, rare techniques, rare weapons, and new types of abilities will be a big focus of most updates during early access.
  • Lack of leveling methods. While there are a lot, there are definitely some points in the game that stagnate. My goal for leveling in this game is to make most activities give XP, so that you can level up by just playing the game and doing whatever you want, rather than having to grind and do one specific task over and over again. Examples of how I’m going to improve leveling over time include: More features such as diving for underwater structures, XP from brewing, random-spawning quests, and random-spawning enemy bases.
  • Lack of content. While this one is probably obvious since this is the main reason it’s in early access, I want to double down and say that there are lots of plans to continue adding content and activities throughout updates. The main type of content I want to focus on is sandbox or repeatable type content, such as the Dark Sea and other exploration-based activities.
  • Visuals. While a lot of the visuals are great in my opinion, some, such as Ice Magic, Shadow Magic, and other effects definitely need improved. Visual effects of all abilities will continue to be improved over the years, and I don’t consider any visuals truly final, especially if Roblox continues to release new graphical options to developers.

Full Release

The full release will likely be some time in 2024, once the Nimbus Sea story is started and the remaining major gameplay features are added. After this, the gameplay can be considered “complete” in my opinion, and then updates can mainly focus on story and additional content rather than large feature additions.

NOTE: Renown and Clan Infamy will likely be reset when Full Release happens, since Early Access will also be used to balance these values.