Archeworks | Open World, Adventure Game [COMING SOON!]

Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to share some creations of a game, we have been working for a few weeks. It is based on Open World and Adventure, and is inspired by the game Booga Booga too :slight_smile:

We intend to release our game to Beta Phase in about 2 Months, and also please suggest how we can make it much better!




The main problem I see is ui. It’s not appealing and pretty bulky. Ui for some games can make it or break it. Also when picking up stuff I suggest making it more player interactive or just simple adding effects like an animation or some image above the head to indicate you did pick it up.


Unless this game can offer features then the one leading game in this genre which is Booga Booga, I dont think itll take off unless you really sponsor it well.

Thank you so much for the comment, @SpawnScripts. We will implement you suggestion soon.

Thank you so much for the tip, @loveicicIe.

You’re very skilled, and your work speaks for itself! Everything looks great so far, but I’ve got one little suggestion to make. Remember that you’re competing with other games of the same genre and style, and add something fun and unique to your game. You’ve got to give people a reason to choose your game. I’d love to follow development. Do you have a group?