Archimedes changes Z orentation without any reason, makes road look very weird

First i wanna say, that i am so sorry for using poor grammar as english is not my native language.

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    I try to create a exit for a road.
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    So the thing is, everytime i press the Z2 button on the plugin, as seen on the screenshot below (First screenshot). When i click on Render and look at the road in the game, it is steep, but the Z orentation changes, even tho the Z orentation is 0 at the first block.

The first screenshot shows that i have z2 selected. Also sorry for the screenshot looking weird, i had the MUTCD pdf file opened in my browser.
The second screenshot shows the first block of the exit ramp. (also sorry for the weird name i have chosen for my screenshot lol.)
Screenshot 2022-01-17 221021
The third screenshot shows the last block placed with the pluigin, as you can see the Z orentation changed.

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Maybe your road wasn’t perfectly straight on the ground? Or you could just change the angle.

I just checked and the road was straight on the ground (Screenshot 1)
Screenshot 2022-01-17 223923
But the road still looks very weird and the Z orentation still changes

Screenshot 2022-01-17 224048

Did you try flipping from z to y to x tools (and the x, y and z “squared” ones as well?) as well as flipping the Flip Axis and Swap Sides tools?
Your neon red Part looks like it’s pivoting at 5 degrees, but you should try just comparing the other Archimedes tools by just messing with them.
I don’t even look at which axis I’ve got selected on the tool because I use the Global/Local tool (Ctrl L) and my Part orientation isn’t always easily seen, but the transparent preview Part of the Archimedes tool shows you where it’s going and what edge it’s pivoting on.

I tried all of the tools, also the neon red part is at 0,0,0 orentation