Architect Hall Showcase: What should be added

Hello there!

So I have been recently working on a showcase for a really long time, & it’s called
Architect Hall.

It had almost taken me a year to finish the whole showcase.

The showcase itself was made alone, & no help was given, as it say’s in the description of the game.

There has been no free model’s used during the development of the showcase.
Also Here are some Screenshot’s of the showcase it self.

So I was planning to ask:

  • What should i add to it's background rather then having a flat baseplate?.
  • What Should I change in the lighting as it is too bright?.
  • Should I make the door look a bit better on it's 2 side's ?
  • Should I change the material of the light's in the hall way on the side's of the wall's?.

That’s all i wanted to ask. If you have any idea’s then do so reply. Thank’s.


I would make a lamp for the wall, instead of just a ball of light, but the rest is pretty good! Just more details on the doors, maybe some more material in the walls and you’re all good! :+1:


Interior roof needs changing… new textures throughout the interior.

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