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The owner of a post should be able to close there post if the question is solved there is no actual way to do this yet. I think this should be added this can help users delete there unwanted solved posts.

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I disagree, just because a topic is solved doesn’t mean the solved answer is the best answer. It is not uncommon for misinformation to be shared, so someone with more knowledge should be able to step in and correct the misinformation so future readers don’t leave the topic with the bad information.


I’m talking about bug reports for example If the bug report is fixed

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Then it will be drowned out naturally by newer posts, or what also happens is that a staff member closes the topic.


A staff member never saw my topic but it was fixed by other reports.

Bug reports have a solution feature.

I understand your idea but like… you can flag a topic and make it get deleted (yes, even your own topic), and it isn’t something bad. There are different kind of flags for topics:

  • Inapropiate
  • Spam
  • “Something Else”

So, whilst I understand your idea, if you want to delete a post or hide it, just flag it. Or make the post to not receive answers and it would be “archived” in some way.

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