[ARCHIVE] Roblox High Speed Rail Project - Showcase


I am making a Railway Simulator where you can drive trains at extreme speeds. It is named Roblox High Speed Railway. Right now, the game is still not finished yet.

Since last year, the railway has been redesigned and rebuilt numerous times. The photo below is today’s final infrastructure design to be compatible with trains.

I didn’t build some trains yet because I’m testing the gliders (the support that help trains make turns). Due to a physics system called PGS that destoyed many train games, there are some support blocks in place that keep the glider from derailing. Right now, the results were good, especially when the gliders managed to make turns on curves at high speeds without any problems.

The maximum speed for the game is 350 sps. Although in case of the PGS causing problems, the limit is 330 sps. The railway will be fixed block signalled (With the UI telling you when to stop or start the train and what speed you must go at, omitting the lineside signals). There are markers for block sections and the speed change territories as seen below.

RHSR Signalling Block Marker RHSR Signalling Block Marker (Permissive)

Here’s brief clip below of testing the gliders at high speeds as of January 2021.

Once everything come out successful. I will start building the entire game (However, I won’t do that until I built my workstation in the future.)

Thanks for reading this topic. Some feedback would be appreciated and I would like some suggestions on what can I improve on this project.


Looks great so far, can you send me the game link when the game is out?

Fab! Great work, although tracks could do with some more detail in the middle and to the sides of the track with the textures as normal roblox textures aren’t the best but apart from that keep up the good work! :+1: :grin:

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Yes, of course, I’ll send it in the topic or to you via PM :+1:

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Thanks :+1:

I know that Roblox textures are mediocre. I’ll go and improve the ballastless tracks whenever I can.

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