[archive] The process of rigging a custom character

Hey, its done! I got rid of the animation part because I felt that it didn’t really fit this tutorial, check it out. Its much simpler and should be easier to follow for any type of character.

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I cant really watch youtube for parent reasons, any chance you can upload the recording not from youtube?

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I tried but the original video was around 400 megabytes big and I couldnt find any place to compress it. I will try streamable hold on

Okay, I made a streamable link. Its under the youtube video in a spoiler box.

Thanks really appreciate it :+1: ill see if this fixes it

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Ok i dont know how you managed to do it but this fixed my whole issue. I needed this for my horror game character, and this is perfect! Thank you so much for the help! :+1:

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Im having issues with trying to get my custom character to pick up a tool, but it just goes in their backpack and then if you try to equip it, it will just spawn were it originally was and won’t be in the players right arm.


Roblox can’t automatically see what part is actually the hand, but if you call the hand part “RightHand” then Roblox will know it is your hand, which will let you pick up tools.


It didn’t seem to work, even though I did add the Right hand.

Did you add spaces in the name? It has to be exactly spelled like this: “RightHand”
If that doesnt work idk why it wouldnt

No I didn’t, Its a small block in the RightArm named RightHand, Idk what Im doing wrong

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Ohh thats what it probably is. You have to rename the limb of the character to RightArm, not insert a part in it

Very helpful and well explained/presented.


I’m pretty sure I’ve followed everything, however, my character falls into the ground, stopping where the bottom of the HumanoidRootPart is.


Any ideas?

Thanks for any help in advance.

I am also having this same problem. I hope it’s not trouble but if anyone could provide some help, that would be greatly appreciated.

Set the HipHeight in the Humanoid higher, you will have to adjust it to the right amount

Higher hipheight = higher character

Sorry I didn’t see this post, but this should answer your question ^^^^

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I’ll go try that out right now. Thanks by the way!

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Hey, thanks for the great community tutorial! I wonder if it is possible to play as that character without putting it in StarterPlayer.

I am going to do this for an at-st, hopefully the images below work:

It works by putting it in StarterPlayer.

But I want to be able to play as that character when I enter the at-st.

Is this possible somehow?

Since asking this, I actually solved the problem myself. I disabled players.AutoLoadCharacter and made a custom script. Players who are spawning in will wait until there is no StarterCharacter parented to StarterPlayer.

Then, in my at-st, I have a script that parents the at-st to StarterPlayer and renames it to StarterCharacter. Then I do player:LoadCharacter().

This works, but has a drawback in that it resets player spawn position. So to fix this, I make a listener for the player.CharacterAdded event before the line player:LoadCharacter(). In this line, I simply set the model:SetPrimaryCFrame() to the old CFrame before loading character, as well as disconnecting the event listener. Now it is possible to enter the at-st. Here, it’s also important to delete the StarterCharacter in StarterPlayer so that other players can spawn in.

When exiting the at-st, the at-st disappears and only my player character is left. This is undesirable, so quickly before the at-st despawns I make a clone of it and parent it to workspace. Finally, to avoid the new character from spawning at some spawn location, I similarly from before set up an event listener that sets the desired primaryCFrame of the player character model.

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You don’t need to add limbs just make a part inside the ramen box as the head then do the ramen box as the torso and it should work.

Question, is it fine if one of my bodyparts is a union? I’m not sure if it would somehow conflict with my character.