Archived decals still show up on SurfaceAppearances

Its as simple as this,

Archived decals wont show up on normal textures but if they are on SurfaceAppearances, they will still be there

My example:

In game:

Yes I have checked the IDS

How did you manage to archive a decal? I don’t have the option for some reason even though I did have it a few months back.

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Archiving decals is a deprecated feature. This is intended behavior.
edit: see below

Ah, never knew that. Why did they deprecate it for?

No idea, I’m just assuming it’s deprecated because the whereabouts of it are unknown.

Where on earth are you getting that information? Don’t assume things and don’t make stuff up and then act like it’s true. Archiving Assets | Roblox Creator Documentation

As far as I understand it, this happens because all of the textures added to a SurfaceAppearance are compressed together and uploaded as a separate asset. This reduces memory size and download time.

Archiving one of the images not breaking the SurfaceAppearance is likely just an oversight, because they intentionally break the SurfaceAppearance when one of the source images gets moderated for obvious reasons. Feel free to submit a bug report through @Bug-Support.

Archiving is not a valid option for Decals like it used to be:

I am now confused.

Feel free to make a feature request for that page, but it’s still here. :woman_shrugging:

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Interesting. So, it’s not in the configure page, but rather the context menu?

Sounds like a documentation issue.

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Ah, too bad you can’t archive Images ( not decals, just Images ) anymore tho.