[Archived] Feedback on my first UI?

Hello, I am very new to Roblox and trying out UI creation for the first time. I would really love some feedback as well as some price ranges? I was going for a sort of cartoonish style because those seem to be the most popular right now. This was not made for any specific game, it was just for practice.

First UI
Second UI

Again, I would really love any helpful critiques because this is my first time making UI. Thank you!


Wow, that looks great for your first time! Personally, I’d pay around R$300 for these two screens. Also, the Robloxian looks sorta weird, I don’t know if you used the wrong ratios or what, but something about it is off. Finally, I’d make the item boxes a perfect square. And finally, I recommend using more colors, rather than just several shades of one, to make your UI look less flat.

Besides that great job!


Make in the first image the body less giant and this will look great.


Nice UI, im trying to take consideration about this is your first UI:

I think this is a cartoonish style with a type of RPG or exploration game.

Your first example looks good, the player in the image, It seems to be a bit stretched from the sides of the body. you should adjust your measurement a bit. And looks a bit empty, i recomend you to add
the stats of the player.
The slots looks so empty, i recommend you to create images like: the first slot will be used for a helmet, then add an image in the slot of a helmet, meaning that the slot will be used for helmets. And that so.

The inventory, it’s ok, you could add the stats of the player as i said.

I hope this helps you! 4.8/5


Thank you all for your feedback! I have added 2 more examples that I would also like some help with. (they look better if you’re using dark mode)

I saw them, now it looks more cartoonist. About the shop, looks empty. Add something like the price and the stats of the players.

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I really like your design and how you kept it to one style. I do have a few suggestions:

First UI:
For the character, I feel like the head can be a bit larger and then you can move the entire character down a big if the head does end up touching the top.

Next for the boxes next to the character, it’d be nice to have some sort of item icon in the boxes to show a general category for each slot.

The inventory looks plain and simple but if you want to take it to the next level maybe add pages at the bottom and a search bar unless your game wants it in a specific way.

Overall it looks fine but I normally find creating UI outside of Roblox is hard to deal with because I can’t normally script them as well.

Second UI:
Again love how you keep it to style as well as how you used good color positioning to make certain parts stand out such as the slows. Again I would recommend a scrolling bar or something unless you are making this for a specified project.


Looks amazing! I assume this is for some sort of adventure game? If so, I’d say it fits the theme very well and the small rips are a nice complement to the UI theme. If you’re looking to sell, I’d personally pay no less than 750 robux for this.

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