Archiving a sound asset via Creator Hub brings you to the asset configuration page

Filing as a bug report on behalf of @VegetationBush:

After a recent update (according to @xyrafrost), clicking “Archive” on a sound asset via the Creator Hub now redirects you to the configuration page for it after archiving the asset. This issue only occurs for sound assets.

Repro video provided by @VegetationBush:

This is most likely unintended behavior as makes the process of archiving sound assets much slower. Once the asset is successfully archived, there is no need for the configuration page to be shown - it should simply disappear from the list of sounds with a success notification as is the case with other assets.

Expected behavior

A feedback notification saying that the asset was successfully archived should appear and the asset itself should disappear from the sounds list, as is the case with other asset types. The configuration page should not be shown during this process.

Page URL:

Found someone to check this out, we’ll get back to you as soon as we have an update! Thanks for the report :slight_smile:


Hey there! Thanks for filing this bug. The fix is now live on the Creations > Developer Items > Audio page that it originally occurred on. I’ll be marking this ticket as fixed; please take care :slight_smile:

Page URL:

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