Are action chain-based fighting games games possible?

I was thinking, making a move based fighting game. Except, you have to make command chains using programming blocks (the ones you use in scratch and etc) Also you can do Special Attacks that cost special meter

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yes its possible i guess only if you have Super Ultra Mega Scripting knowledge

that is 100% possible to make
great idea

Agree with guys above, this is possible, but requires some advanced scripting knowledge.

This is actually a pretty unique game idea! This idea is similar to how gun modules work in gun games (such as attaching different scopes, magazines, etc. to the guns, which gives them different effects). I can think of adding ability points or tiers:

Ability Points

Every command chain costs a set number of ability points


You can upgrade the existing command chains

I actually don’t think this would require as much scripting knowledge as other people think (still needs a decent bunch though), but it would require you to plan out how things will interact with each other. Here’s some things you would theoretically need to plan out:

  • What type of commands each command chain can connect to

    • You can make each command set to a specific category, and each command chain has a whitelisted table of categories it can connect to
  • How different command chains interact with each other

    • Adding multipliers to a command chain, let’s say, putting a 2x multiplier chain under the money command block, which gives you 2x more money
    • Having to decide whether the dominant command is at the top or at the bottom of the chain. For example, the command at the top of the chain will be the one modified by the others
  • How to compile all the commands together

    • How are you going to get all the commands?
    • How are you going to modify each command from the one underneath and above it?

The last one would be the hardest to think about and design.

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Yeah your idea is great! Sad thing it will only be my imagination gor 4 years, because lua is pretty hard for me, and i get robux only on birthdays or commisions

you don’t need robux to develop a game

No, robux to buy a commission. I have curse of laziness and lack of time

yes they are! it would be a great educational game. its like prodigygame, but with coding

I actually had an idea to make a game like this that was turn based and had fluid fights that you could use objects around you and you could decide each turn what your action would be. That was when I started out scripting lol

I mean some people say it is hard to make but I am not sure it is. There is no need for and complex logic to it just making the actual move base would probably be the hardest.

If you would like me to help you I don’t mind doing it for free for a bit. I have always wanted to do something like this lol.