Are any political parties allowed to be mentioned on Roblox?


So I’m working on a strategy game called Deterrence which enables the player to play as the leader of any country in the year 2021 and control the diplomacy, military, government and economy of these countries.

Currently, when the player joins the game and picks a country, they are able to pick the political party they wish to represent of that chosen country (depending on political system of said country). This is because in order for the player to maintain power, they need to keep a high approval rating (e.g. adjusting government budget to benefit people, etc.), and they compete against other political parties in elections which occur every 4 years. If the player loses an election, they lose the game. Players require a majority in their government to pass legislation (e.g. conscription law which increases manpower, etc).

These political parties are only depicted with their names and the amount of seats they control in legislature, there really is no other purposes other than cosmetic and roleplay. Here’s an example for Canada (note this is from an older game of mine from 2019 but I’ll be implementing the same features):

However, the current Roblox Community Standards Terms of Service mentions the following rules around political content:

  1. Political Content
    We value friendly debate about issues and topics that matter to Robloxians. However, to maintain a civil and respectful environment, we prohibit the discussion or depiction of:
  • Current candidates running for public office, including their slogans, campaign material, rallies, or events
  • Political parties, including official party-affiliated organization
  • Specific races for elected office
  • Sitting real-world elected officials
  • Previously-elected officials in their official capacity
  • Individuals who have previously run for political office in their capacity as candidates
  • Desecration of political entity symbols, including flag burning
  • Inflammatory content related to real world border, territorial, or jurisdictional relationships

Are political parties of countries allowed to mentioned at all? The only two things mentioned are the names, and the numbers of seats they control. There is no mention of current or previous candidates, slogans, materials, etc. I’ve either thought about making random ones (which users have complained about), or simply not mention them at all. What are your thoughts?

Real-life, sitting political parties is not allowed to be used, mentioned or showed in a Roblox game. You can make up your own, as long you don’t reference to any current real-life parties.


You can’t call someone Communist or Democratic but you could say he likes freedom or he feels superior