Are card games allowed on roblox now? (just wondering)

Since I’m going to launch ‘Undead At World Wars’ and ‘WARTIME’
Is it possible or even alright, if I made a new gamemode of poker between the 2?

Since the game would have the action to take some robux from the players, if you do lose a game of poker.


I would try to keep clear from mixing Robux and gambling-related games together. The nearest you can get to this is for Players to earn some sort of in-game tokens for winning these games, which can no way be bought with Robux.

Don’t follow the cancelled out advice!!

Sorry I meant the user would be forced to donate towards the winning opponent, but since that is illegal there is an agreement before you start playing the poker game. this is what i’m kind of worried of.

I remembered that there was a variant of PLS DONATE called “PLS STEAL”, where Players were able to earn Robux by playing minigames, and the Robux was being donated from the other Player who had played and lost the game.

I wasn’t sure what happened exactly, but the game got shifted and the game’s objectives changed tremendously - from betting Robux to Players through minigames, to hosting minigames, and the Player only earning Robux when another purchases access to their minigame)

It might have something to do with Moderation (see updated game.)

TL;DR: Try to prevent your game involving Robux being spent in luck-based games that involves multiple Players.

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Taken from:

Except where prohibited by local law or regulation, we allow unplayable gambling content (e.g., showing a casino or non-playable characters playing cards) as well as games of luck and chance that are not casino or gambling based. However, experiences that include simulated gambling, including playing with virtual chips, simulated betting, or exchanging real money, Robux, or in-experience items of value are not allowed.

Gambling isn’t allowed, even with non-robux currencies.


Alright, I’ll try shifting the game’s gameplay to more of other card varied games. Since I also want it a bit more engaging and more complex. Also, I just remembered gambling is strict in my country.