Are casinos allowed on ROBLOX?

I have a question, and it is: Are casino games allowed on ROBLOX?

What I mean is: I have a game on ROBLOX which I want there to be a casino-map level on it. Am
I allowed to do this?

Am I allowed to build casino machines that are just models, and DON’T work, (only for decoration.)
None of the casino machines will work, and there WON’T be any “betting” or “gambling” in it. It’s only as a map, but it shows casino-machines (that don’t work.)

Am I allowed to make this, or is it against the ROBLOX TOS?
I see other games that do it, such as:

  • Mad City
  • The Plaza
  • Urbis

It should be allowed. As long as there’s no gambling involved like you said.


I suppose that the actual gambling content (and therefore, source of addiction(?)) would be the games/machines… so as long as its purely for decoration I think you’d be fine. Normally I would agree with the sentiment that using other games as a standard isn’t a wise idea, but at least two of the games you mentioned are highly popular and apparently do the same thing.


Depends. If the player is using an in-game currency (lets say coins) to gamble then yes. However, the player must be aware of the chances they have to win. For example, every game that involves players opening chests, crates, eggs, etc. involve gambling. The player cannot gamble Roblox.
I’m not entirely sure about this, though.

But you are allowed to have a casino machine model.

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Okay! Thank you!

The casino won’t even be functional (as in the machines.) The player won’t even be able to use in-game currency either, just to be safe so the game doesn’t get moderated.

The whole casino thing is really just a map… I just didn’t know whether or not it can be used since casinos are usually the place where people gamble so…

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I do not believe you can allow players to gamble robux but I am sure that other forms of currency such as in-game cash is fine.

Yes, you can add casinos. However, if you decide that you wish for the casinos to have a use, then the following restrictions must be followed:

  • Real-life currencies may not be used in gambling. You may use fictional money in the game, however, currencies such as Robux, dollars, pounds, bitcoin, or anything that can be bought with real-life currency or be used to buy real-life goods.

  • When using a fictional currency in a game with gambling, you may NOT have any way to purchase the fictional currency with real currency, or Robux.

  • The player MUST be able to win, no matter what. As long as the player does not leave the gambling game empty handed, then it is fine. Example: Bet 50, lose the game, and is only given 1 dollar back. As the player left with something, it is still counted as a win.

If you meet all these requirements, then you’ll be fine!

Roblox Community Guidelines Section 1 Title 11 -

  1. Dangerous, unethical, and illegal activities. Not only do we not allow these activities, we do not allow anyone discussing them or encouraging others to discuss (or take) such actions, including:
  • Gambling with Robux or real money;