Are Ciggaretes Allowed in Games on Roblox?

Hello Roblox Developers and Roblox Members, i wanted to ask:
Are Ciggaretes Allowed on Roblox in Games as Tool to Use or Not?

Becaouse i would add Ciggarettes into my WWII MRP Game on Roblox, as me and my Team have a loot of work to Censour a loot of Things in our game as Specific Icones, Images, Items and Textes

I heavily doubt they are, remember that Roblox is a platform filled with children. Sadly you’re always going to have to imagine your target players are young children, even if they aren’t. Still waiting for teen-specific restrictions.

From the TOS.


but what about the new update about the Age Restriction Places?


Until Roblox officially announces what will and won’t be prohibited, it’s best to abide by the current rules.

If you’re talking about the age recommendation, it’s simply a recommendation and doesn’t necessarily grant or deny additional permissions

Simply put, cigarettes are just as bad as drugs.

Even if you can’t use cigarettes, you can always give them toothpicks as either a momentary replacement, or a replacement altogether.

Gives the same idea without promoting lung cancer.